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carn'evil wants you!

Postby mindfunk13 » Sat May 21, 2005 12:26 pm

Legend of the "Others" and the Sensorium
It is said all Legend and Myth is a distortion of a distant truth – an interpretation of events that actually occurred.

Such is the source of Carn’Evil…

In dreams, all things are possible – all things exist. Your deepest fears – your darkest desires are made manifest in the moments when your waking mind releases control of your psyche in order to rest and allows your subconscious to assume control. Buried within this place is a world of infinite possibility, unfettered by inhibitions and what the waking world calls morals. Gods and monsters do battle there for control of your inner-most mind. Within each person lies something else – unspoken, un-tapped… dead but dreaming. The Others merely wait for their call to make themselves manifest in the world of the waking senses. When the call comes – they emerge, taking form in our world, slaves to the Sensorium with a need to experiment and experience the desires of the flesh. The Others are known through history by many names, but research leads us to believe that they were initially cast from the “Vault of Heaven” when a group of Angels chose to cohabitate with the “Daughters of men”. (Genesis 6:1-4) They were first known as “The Watchers” and spawned a race of giants known as the Nephilim. Yes, millennia ago, it was the presence of this race that caused the heavens to open and flood the earth – eradicating the spawn of the Fallen. Their leader was named Semjaza, and it was through his leadership that the Others were cast down from the Vault and banished to earth.
As non-corporeal beings, they were doomed to wander, never engaging in the pleasures of the flesh that initially forced them into exile… That is until Semjaza discovered the stream of the Sensorium within the minds of man. The stream ebbs and flows throughout every person alive at any given time and through extensive research, he discovered that there are peaks within the stream every 1,000 years. It is a point when the stream of the Sensorium overflows its barriers and spills into the real world. Through ancient and arcane rituals, he and the other Watchers entered into a death-like slumber near the shores of the Sensorium… needing only its lust filled waters to touch their comatose bodies to awaken. Once awake – all they need do is ride the current until it spills over into our world.

Notable figures in history are proof of this communion. The Wizard Merlin of Aurthurarian fame received his powers from the union of a Incubus and his mother. Though infernal in nature, he was able to use these powers for good. The last known resultant birth of a similar union was in 1005 when the historical MacBeth was born. Tormented by voices and visions, he was made immortal by William Shakespeare. The cycle is about to be completed again, and the Demons, Wraiths, and Minions of a race long forgotten will again be among us.

Extra-dimensional in nature, they dream in their death sleep – entering into our psyche as immoral and lustful thoughts. Everyday, we are affected by them… just as they feed on our energy created by these very thoughts. To them, however, it goes beyond this – there is no good or evil where they are… there are no morals to weigh heavy on their immortal minds. The Sensorium is all there is – pure in nature – waiting to be tapped and ridden by its servants – the Others.

Recent studies by parapsychologists have discovered an unidentified energy fluctuation in an area just east of the small town of Gerlach in northern Nevada. At first, they wrote it off as a result of the underground aquifer and the recent heavy snows, reasoning that more microscopic life-forms were being transported underground. That was until one of the more astute among them asked a simple question – what could live in the highly alkaline waters that would create such a fluctuation? No answer was forth-coming… In January of 2005, a small paranormal research team journeyed to an area known as the Black Rock Desert and did psychic soundings. The Medium employed by the group fell into a comatose trance shortly after arrival. It was agreed that a few quick tests would be completed and then, for the sake of their Mystic, they would remove themselves from the Playa. Shortly after setting their equipment up, the sky grew black with clouds and the winds began to howl. One of the researchers, who had previous experience on the Playa, convinced the others that it was just “Playa weather”… convinced that was until every piece of equipment suddenly blew sparks as it was burnt out by some unseen force. At the exact moment of the overload, the Medium rose from her slumber and began chanting :

Levicus Raphael
Biraanni here they come Inyana Leviathan
May the mountains shake you to the core
Zi dingir kia kanpa, Zi dingir anna kanpa
Zi dingir kia kanpa, Zi dingir anna kanpa
And I feel colder, and I feel colder
Pray for Leviathan
Pray for Leviathan
Hear them come

Without warning, the research group, which consisted of two men and three women, began to engage in sexual acts that Caligula would consider depraved. The only person unaffected by the energy was the medium herself. Gathering her wits about her, she managed to restrain the members of the research group using promises of unearthly pleasures. Her descriptions of the moans of pleasure while she tied up the research team would make good reading in a Penthouse Forum. She began the drive back to civilization, recording her experience on a handheld recorder she carried with her for research notes. We know this only because the abandoned research van was found just north of the small town of Nixon near Pyramid Lake. In it, authorities found six sets of clothing, what appeared to be copious amounts of semen smeared throughout the interior and the tape recorder.

Once analyzed, it was concluded that the medium had been able to roughly calculate the overflow period of the Sensorium into our dimension as August 29 – September 4, 2005. Shortly after that, an odd slurping sound, punctuated with occasional gagging sounds filled the tape until it ended. The whereabouts of the research team is unknown, but what footprints that were found apparently headed north towards the Black Rock Desert.

A new group of researchers are planning to send willing explorers into the dimension of the Others in an attempt to discover what it is specifically that is desired. It should be noted that their volunteers will be of the most willful and open-minded nature as could be imagined… we are, after all, talking about beings that have chosen to wait 1000 years between each experience of flesh.


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