Looking for camp to host Rocky horror picture show 1 night

Bob A
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Looking for camp to host Rocky horror picture show 1 night

Postby Bob A » 11 years ago

We are looking for a theme camp with a video projector and screen that would be willing to host The Rocky Horror picture show one night out on the playa. We've got a bunch of people interested in doing the show, but it is to late to do a theme camp for this year. We are talking about a camp for 2006.

If you’re not familiar, we have actors acting out the movie while it plays on the screen behind us. We have the DVD the people and will have the props just need a venue to do it in for this year. Support the arts help us bring Rocky Horror back to the playa

Bob A

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Andy Wing
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Camp Name: Videogasm/Snowflake Village

Postby Andy Wing » 11 years ago

Hey Bob!

Contact me at spam2devnull@yahoo.com asap. I think a Rocky Horror
night would be an awesome addition to Camp Videogasm and Snowflake

We can multiplex all three screens and both PA systems as well as
throw a live mike in.

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Postby dinosaurwilly » 11 years ago

That sounds like a lot of fun! Be sure to make an announcement if you guys get this together, I would love to come by for the show!

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