What ever happened to......

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What ever happened to......

Postby Asreza » 11 years ago

All those other theme camps? I'm still trying to find the folks from Green Penis. Their camp picked up ours on the night of the burn and took us all out on their art car and showed us all the sights. I'm thankful to them as that was the best of our experience that year (except for the angry drunk clown that climbed up on our car and started screaming that we were all going to die). And what ever happened to the emerald city. I listened to stories about that camp for so long before I went and was looking forwards to seeing it. Turns out the first year we went they didn't. Or mabey they just started a new camp? Is the karma kard camp still going? I still have my karma kard. Expired last year. I'm hopeing to get it renewed.
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Dark Cipher
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Postby Dark Cipher » 11 years ago

GOOD QUESTION! Where are all those other camps that just dissapeared? Frustrating! and Sad :( Hopefully there will be more this year! MORE MORE MORE!

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