Room for Gwynneth?

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Room for Gwynneth?

Postby gwynneth » Sat Jul 02, 2005 5:15 pm

This will be my second year at Burning Man and I absolutely loved it last year. This year I want to participate even more, find ways to have a more expansive time, meet more people, do more unusual things. I would like to find a like-minded group that may have a spot open in their RV or their domed-environment-type camp. I went last year with a friend who brought an RV and we returned it with neither a scratch nor speck of playa dust - they'd be happy to give me raving references on request :)

I am :
• a 100% still and silent sleeper, and happily use earplugs if you or your others don't happen to be.
• a cheerful camp or camper cleaner, cook, and face-painter extraordinare.
• a not-trained, but nearly-famous foot, back, neck, facial and/or hand massage artist.
• a very well-traveled, master light-packer who will take up very little space.
• a can-do worker, and an enthusiastic partier who will probably also want to dance alot.
• a responsible, pay-my-share and follow-the-camp-rules type.
• a lively, live-and-let-live, life-is-for-living, philosopher participator.
• a novice Burner looking to learn from people who know better than I.

In a typical 24 hour span I am likely to:
• want to wander, make friends and dance all night, come back and sleep some in the morning, wake up, make some coffee, clean like mad, go to some select seminars, make more friends, bike around in the desert art some, come back, maybe take another nap, nosh some dinner, then make lemon drops for our camp while painting up people faces all sparkly and wild, then get the evening costume together before going out into the night again... Wow what fun!

I live in the Bay Area and can travel to meet up with your group as needed. I would like to be on the Playa a minimum of 4 nights from Wednesday afternoon through Sunday morning, but can be there the whole week if that is what your group is doing. Email me if you prefer at

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Hi Gwynneth

Postby Casteen » Mon Jul 04, 2005 2:49 am

Camp Amazon still has some space.

We're planning a large structure; the front will be partioned off for the communal area and kitchen, the back will have space for tents. It won't be a dome, but should help screen from duststorms and contribute to shade.

We have several workshops and whatnot planned, but will have plenty of time throughout the day and the bulk of the night to explore and whatnot.

Some of the stuff we have planned includes a training circle, foam weapon construction workshops, a leatherworking workshop, and celestial navigation workshops.

A facepainter joining the group would be spiffy.

Here's the URL for our yahoo group:

And here's the URL for our webpage:

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