BIItch, where tha deeply delayed & arpeggiated BASS thri

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BIItch, where tha deeply delayed & arpeggiated BASS thri

Postby niymaay » Mon Jul 04, 2005 11:21 pm

U KNOW i wanna be where the feedback flies, junglebass THROMPS @ -40 Ohms alongside o' never-ending delay warble and my boodie jus seems ta vibrate spiralspiralwithinaspiral for ev'ry soul in tha shit

Where the powerviolence Kid can let her screams loose while dead prez and the roots speak our Interpersonal Collective Truth

Where the rhymes ah' SPIT in a transcendental mindset.
cuz we gots to live like we ain't alive yet.
an' tha violet flames create an astrophysical wombnet

our hearts flowin out on these un/laid Train[ing] Tracks.


and wrap it all up in some sweet, sweet entheo-candy

what say ye? with me? le's free these noisescapes out from on their blessed wings/cages to Eternity............Infinity............Androgynity

i'm towing out my ms2000 and 12 channel line mixer w/ phantom and i wanna PLAAAYYY!!!!!!!!
(YA, YA, i know, corrosive alkaline dust ov doom, etc, etc...considering shrinkwrap, rubber plugs and o-rings).

i'm also a virgin so i have only a bit of a clue as to what camp(s) might be suited for/inclined toward/excited about these types of auditory excursions.

i know i should look around 10 and 2 but if anyone has some more specific knowledge, let me know?


neither below or above you
walking, running, dancing..All Around You!

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