Flattery Camp Returns for 2005

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Flattery Camp Returns for 2005

Postby baasman » Wed Jul 06, 2005 9:03 pm

Well Peeps - in 2004 you asked for it, you dreamed of it, you screamed for more, you even cried when you thought it would not happen again, even the Rangers want it as badly as sex - and now you want it all again!

What you say - Why it's the RETURN OF FLATTERY CAMP FOR 2005

All you peeps look for us in the usual area as in the last five years. Come on by and say HI! and join the flattery as many have in the past. Enjoy the shade with fellow burners and let it out - Flattery that is!

Flattery Camp- (the ultimate Offical-Unoffical/Burner Camp at the Burning Man!)
More info to follow- If your lucky!!!!!!!

Keep the Faith (Burner faith)

(Flattery Camp)OC Burners - S.D. Burningman
Find Beauty where others do not

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