costumer looking for a home!

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costumer looking for a home!

Post by lysyra » Mon Apr 16, 2007 10:52 am

i'm new to the playa this year and am looking for a camp to participate in and call home. i want to be involved in designing and making costumes as well as helping with camp construction and painting!

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Post by robbidobbs » Mon Apr 16, 2007 11:12 am

There is a large SC contingent. My best advice is look up Rodent. He occasionally floats through here, but spends his time on his tribe. He's a Ranger, but has connects everywhere.

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Post by FallenAngel » Tue May 22, 2007 7:39 pm

Do you want to design outrageous costumes with a showgirl/caribbean theme? We might have a place for you. I imagine several people involved with the camp may need something done.
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Post by MikeVDS » Tue May 22, 2007 8:08 pm

If you need stuff to do there are plenty of people who'll accept your help. More specifics will probably get you more attention in the areas you want. For example, are you funding some costumes, or want someone else to fund and you'll do the labor? What types of costumes are you interested in? What are your specific talents? Design? Tailoring?

Just like FallenAngel we're willing to use help if someone is looking to help. Our set-up should be done by Monday and our themed costuming is fairly simple at the moment, being Tiki themed, Hawaiian shirts are cheap. Having a desire to help, you'll find plenty of welcoming people so you need to try to find the ones you'll fit in with best.

Also I have some costumes in mind for myself that I lack the talent and time to make. If you want to help me with some design ideas of how to make some good ideas actually look good, I'd love some assistance.

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Post by longobord » Mon Jul 23, 2007 10:34 pm

I'm also interested in helping with costumes. I have nebulous resources right now, so I don't want to commit to funding. My experience is in period work, but I've done random stuff of all stripes, from animal headdresses to paper mache armor.

In keeping with the theme, I'd really like to do some recycled/reuse costuming if anyone's working on that specific focus.

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