Greening Burning Man -working group meet every other monday-

A unique and distinctive culture emerges from the Burning Man experience. Rooted in the values expressed by the Ten Principles, this culture is manifested around the globe through art, communal effort, and innumerable individual acts of self-expression. To many, it is a way of life.
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Greening Burning Man -working group meet every other monday-

Postby Kachina Katrina » Mon Apr 30, 2007 11:10 am

If this green thing interests you at all, there is a group that meets and gets things moving as our Burning Man festival is going greener and greener for REAL! ... next mtg:

Green Working Group (GWG) Meeting - Monday April 30th, 2007 6:30pm-8:30pm (we meet every other Monday)
@the BMHQ
Facilitator: Kachina Katrina

The Agenda:

1. Green House - Successes vs. Challenges
2. Solar Man Base update
3. Biodiesel Generators update
-Report from vendor meetings in Reno
4. BRC Recycling/Composting program update
5. Earth Day Events - What did you do?
6. Environment Section update - Where are we at?
7. Educational opportunities; how do we get the word out about how participants and camps can go green?
share more about what is happening with the sound camps and other ways we can leverage our collective force.
This will help participants:
a. work together more
b. share expenses
c. learn and utilize the green technology out there!

Plus we want to hear YOUR ideas, workshops, and how to get the word out.
I always like to see people take the initiative when they have an idea, find the resources
to make it happen! ... because then you know it gets done, and it's not over on someone else's plate.

I hope everyone that wants can make it, we'll see you there.
for the call-in number ping me.

These happen every other Monday @ the BMHQ
1st & 3rd Mondays of the month.

*This is at an exciting place- because now the BM infrastructure and internal workings have gotten what all this greening philosophy really means, and have dedicated this burn to going as off the grid as possible- right now- and learning new possibilities every day!!

The man base will be solar, and all the infrastructure generators will be running on bio-diesel. They are working a way for sound camps to share solar and bio-generator energy, and many other initiatives are on the table. If this interests you then do stop by our meeting or check back to this thread and I'll post the notes from the meeting. You can ping me for the call-in #.

kachina katrina
da greena*
love life!

Kachina Katrina
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da notes!

Postby Kachina Katrina » Mon Apr 30, 2007 10:55 pm

Green Man Working Group Mtg. Notes April 30

Next Meeting Monday 5/7 at 7pm.

From here on out our meetings will return to our regularly scheduled
1st and 3rd Mondays of the month.

In attendance:
Ray Bees
Camera Girl
Tom Price

Welcome Tomas! He will be working on the man pavilion as
Environmental Education Coordinator. He needs ideas and your help.
Time is short. E-mail him your ideas at

Green House Successes and Challenges

-The fact that we were able to have it-Yay!
-A lot of different demonstrations applicable to the playa
-Fashion Show
-Diverse crowd of people showed up-burners and non felt comfortable

Challenges/Opportunities for Growth
-Rain Contingency Plan
-More space between things so not so crowded
-People didn’t’ realize that there was more than one floor etc.-
usually Playa info. Is on the welcoming etc and since it was out back
people may not have realized they could go into the building.
-Exhibitors came in late-confusing for people what was going on
-How about some good music to attract those who might not normally
attend a Green Fair but might slyly be educated through music
-Let’s have info. About the designers of the fashion show for
instance that we could hand out to people so they have something to
take away with them that they continue connecting with

Questions-Do we want to do this again? Yes.
Should it stand on its own or a part of the Open House? We’ll figure
that out later.


Tom-Semi Trucks on the way to Gerlach with the frickin’ solar panels
for the man. Dig it!
Blue has reassessed the load of the man so we may not have to buy
We need a structural engineer and a Nevada Contractor for the
Lovelock Gerlach project. Put yer feelers out. Maybe HFH will have
some contacts.

Blue-Has been working with Alicia We will be able to reduce the
mercury by 50%
If anyone knows anyone who can test the air quality that would be
cool to do.
Berkeley has them for free for citizens

Richard is finishing a proposal rgarding composing-take wet waste
from commissary match it to cardboard that would normally be
incininerated and shred it on site and then take it to the ranch.
We can reduce the volume of garbageby 50-70%.

Talking to waste management if we should proactively collect plastic,
glass, and aluminum in a more institutionalized way. We could end up
with like a million bottles of glass.

All of this raises a lot of questions about LNT-us providing a
service etc.

Or maybe we coordinate with Reno Waste Management to do it in Reno.



Bio Diesel for Large Scale Camp and generator sharing.-Piggy Back on
our order so it is cheaper They are responsible for organizing
amongst themselves and have to buy it and figure it all out.
People can do the same with water.

We will educate people about how they can share etc. in the
literature and on the blog.

Crystal Springs-had to get water from them in Reno wouldn’t come out
to the Playa. But opportunity to get them on bio-diesel, get them to
see the market.


Blue- for years United Rental said they couldn’t do it and now they
are checking it out
United Rentals has the 25KW-smaller generators that we might be able
to get away with.
Cashmen-has more of the higher end KW


Kachina- Digital Be-in
Blue-Reno Earth Day event-fabulous
CG-Friday night at 4:20 party hosted by Tech team


Section stalled due to volunteer getting busy. Looking at Wiki based
framework. There will be a passcode for people to use on the back
end for green man collaborators and then hopefully we will be able to
showcase it for the public this as long as the snarky asshole posters
can behave.
We want this place to be a place where people can find out how to
green their burn. Not a debate page.
The goal is to not be the end all be all but Greening your burn but
with hooks to point people to other places with more information.

Blue-maybe we could practice it on the real Wikipedia-start adding
green stuff

How do we get the word out now that we have gathered info. How do we
share with them how they can go green.
Theme Camp Placement team
EG’s are doing several things including their backpacking trip and
will add greening burn content in that.
Black Rock Rendezvous-Andy Baker, ecologist will be there talking too
about greening camps as well
Man Pavillion-Playa technology and how it relates to real world. But
the call is going out so late that we need to see what we get.
Flambe Lounge-we can reach a broader audience who might not know
where to go for this. Let’s give them the tools right now.

Participants have excitement and enthusiasm for this stuff and need
a guide.
Hold a space for green consciousness-invite people to step into it.

greeningman-list mailing list

Upcoming Green Working Group Meetings:
5/7, 5/21, 6/4
7 PM to 8:30 pm @ BMHQ :wink:
love life!

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