Shadebearer Volunteer Opportunities

A unique and distinctive culture emerges from the Burning Man experience. Rooted in the values expressed by the Ten Principles, this culture is manifested around the globe through art, communal effort, and innumerable individual acts of self-expression. To many, it is a way of life.
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Shadebearer Volunteer Opportunities

Post by Journeyman » Sun Aug 03, 2008 12:32 pm

Shadebearers Temporate Zone, on the Esplanade somewhere between 8:15 and 8:30. Look for a large white origami-like pavilion, sort of like a teepee with A-frame entrances all around; it's 20 feet high and 40 feet across, carpeted throughout. At night it will be colorfully lit with effects lighting including lasers. Volunteer Shadebearers may pick up a large but lightweight parasol to carry onto the playa to offer people some respite from the sun as they tour the art installations. It's a great way to meet new friends and form lasting relationships. It's also a valuable public service. You gotta bring the parasol back by sundown. The parasols are blue and white with a blue Shadebearer logo stencilled on the white panels. In the evenings we will host live blues jams, and when it's not live, it'll be ambient whatever. Also seeking volunteer exotic dancers to utilize the pavilion's 3" centerpole on a large octagonal carpet. Camp members will enforce a hands-off rule for your protection. Performers may bring their own music on an i-pod or similar mp3 player, regular CD or mp3 on CD. PA system in place, amps and instruments for guest musicians. Need drummer with trap set.
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