Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet needs volunteers

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Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet needs volunteers

Post by decoverite » Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:50 pm

We're back! This will be Costco's FIFTEENTH year on playa and we're planning all kinds of soulmate trading awesomeness for the burn. Soulmate Trading? Soulmate Trading. Want to help interview, process, sort, categorize, and synergistically monetize souls for fun and profit? Want to help people buy interpersonal connections in bulk? Want to spend an afternoon talking/playing/laughing/crying with strangers in their quest for new playamates? Then do I have the volunteer experience for you!

It takes an army of volunteers to make our soulmate process happen - 1,000 soulmate applications don't just process themselves - and our fulltime campmates need a little bit of help. Which is where you (hopefully) come in. Training sessions on the soulmate process take place at 10am Mon-Fri and last for about an hour with a requested 3-4 hour commitment once trained. What does this entail? Well, I'd tell you but it's a top level corporate secret and you haven't signed our NDA yet. ;) What I can tell you is that volunteering with Costco is an immensely rewarding experience and that everyone should try it at least once. Then again, I'm biased and enjoy talking to people about their hopes, dreams, intimate emotional dysfunctions, and profound clown phobias.

Want to learn more? We're located on Rod's Road at 4:30 (the outer ring of Center Camp) - stop by and say hi or come by our daily training sessions.

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