Performances in Center Camp Cafe!

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Performances in Center Camp Cafe!

Postby spanky » 11 years ago


Spanky here of the Café Performance Team. Performing is a great way to participate at Burning Man and every year our crack team of addicts eagerly await your performance ideas! Take a moment to look at the Café Performance Pages on the Burning Man website and get in contact with us.

For other performers looking to perform at Burning Man outside of the Center Camp Café, there is the general Performance Section as well.

Also, don't forget the Art & Performance section of the ePlaya, not to mention the Artists Seeking Stages and Stages Seeking Acts.

Thanks and we look forward to your performances on the playa!


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center camp cafe schedule

Postby MrBoJankels » 9 years ago

do u know any way to find out the name of an act that i saw on center camp cafe stage this year?

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Postby gaminwench » 9 years ago

when did they play?

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Postby spidermonkey » 9 years ago

i know john craigie was playing during the first dust storm.... he rocks
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Postby mdmf007 » 9 years ago

I saw so many kick ass performances. Where to start.

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