The WhatWhereWhen Guide for 2007

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The WhatWhereWhen Guide for 2007

Postby Otoscope » Mon Sep 10, 2007 11:10 am

In the beginning of the 2007 WhatWhereWhen guide it says that they are trying out a new format this year and that they hope you find it more useful. I just don't get it. Who in the world thought that this new format was in any way more useful than before? Notably lacking in the guide is the where portion of the title. Where is the camp your looking for? That info is not in the guide!! Maybe you found a cool event description there. When is it? Beats me!! Just how am I supposed to use this thing?

What bugs me most about the guide is how easily it could have been fixed. Just an extra line at the end of each event description including an address of the camp hosting the event and the time it would be happening would make the guide just fine.

Can you do that fellas? Please? Just remember... WhatWhereWhen needs the Where and When posted at the same place as the What. Or if not, please, please, please go back to the old format. It was so much more informative.

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