"lost" Duct tape covered bike with purple E.L. Wir

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"lost" Duct tape covered bike with purple E.L. Wir

Post by bunnyman » Fri Sep 08, 2006 10:13 pm

someone seems to have accidentally ridden off on my Duct tape covered bicycle. It has purple E.L. wire wapped around the triangular center of the frame. It also has a cheap silver basket on the front that lost the bolt on one side and a new l.e.d. style headlight and two red lights on the back. I also just put a fresh front tire on it that is identifiable by it's whitewall. If you happen to have brought it home, please let me know. It's just a Playa bike, but I was a first timer and it would mean a lot to me to have it back for next year...
Please let me know if you've seen it. I really hope that it made it to someone's garage or back deck so there's a hope of my finding it.
Oh, also, it's got a couple really old bungee cords wrapped around the seat post near the top... and it had my rust/orange shirt in the basket on the night of the burn when it went bye-bye.
Thanks in advance,


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