Lost bike: Black Bianchi

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Lost bike: Black Bianchi

Postby austintatious » Thu Sep 28, 2006 11:20 am

Mine was actually stolen, taken right off of a cable. My lock broke and I was on my way to get another one. I attached it to 2 other bikes with a steel cable and put a carrabeener through the cable loops and briefly left it. It was snatched up immediately before I could get the new lock on it. I`m not expecting the thief to give it back, but if anyone saw someone in their camp arrive with a black bianchi saying, `` Whoa, you wouldn`t believe what someone left on the playa!`` Drop the thieving friend, aquaintance, or campmate and cast a pox upon their house. May they be stricken with projectile diarreah and rectal sores.

ps: Lesson of the day..Don`t bring a nice bike even if you plan to lock it.
Bike theft is getting worse, not better.

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