Yellow Duct Tape Cruiser - "Borrowed" at Serpent T

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Yellow Duct Tape Cruiser - "Borrowed" at Serpent T

Post by Klydzdale » Wed Oct 04, 2006 3:25 pm

Hey There,
If anyone happened to end up with my beautifully Yellow Duct Tape covered Schwinn cruiser, I would be thrilled to find it again. I got off of my bike about noon on Thursday to take a closer look at Serpent Mother, and someone mistaking it for one of the Idiot Yellow Bike Project rides took it while my back was turned. Gimme a break people! This kinda crap has got to stop! Bring your own bike and leave with IT!

Please contact me if you have it. The only marking besides the yellow take was a small "BV" written in black sharpie on the lower support.

hunter S
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Post by hunter S » Wed Oct 04, 2006 3:50 pm

I too lost a yellow bike, a older "Scott Boulder" the only one in my herd that didn't get a "please return to" sticker on it before it went out!

I have to confess I missed the memo... on yellow bike project before hitting the playa. All the rest of my herd that had address camp stickers on them found their way home! Humm I think theirs a solution to the bike "borrowing" problem here some where?
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