Jacked! My Workman Tricycle

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Jacked! My Workman Tricycle

Post by deandre_oct_22@yahoo.com » Wed Oct 11, 2006 11:48 am

My Workman Tricycle was jacked while my back was turned late Sunday
night (9/3) at the Cubatron. It is a large and very heavy industrial
trike that I have taken to the playa for 5 years. It has a metal box
on the back, which contained a telephoto lens and a postal knit cap.
The box has stickers on the front and back "BurningEmpireCheckpoint
Camp". It is too big to easily taken home from the playa without a
truck, so it might still be there. I left a description with the BR
Rangers on Monday 9/4. Please contact me if you have found it.
D'andre 510-205-4115


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