Taken: Pinkish-Purple playa bike

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Taken: Pinkish-Purple playa bike

Post by jannypan » Tue Sep 04, 2007 12:21 pm

I'm a veteran burner, and I've never had my bike taken...until this year. I went by my office at the DMV on Thursday night, and at the last minute decided to take off from there to go exploring. I didn't have my lock with me, so I just left my bike parked in the bike rack there at the DMV. The next morning it was gone, gone, gone.

The bike was a playa gift from a couple of years ago, and kind of crappy, but more than anything, I don't want to be accused of dumping a bike at BRC. I know where *I* left the bike. I can't know where *someone else* took it. :evil:

So, anyway, I don't remember the brand. It was some kind of cheap retail brand. The bike was pinkish purple with a black seat, straight handlebars with black grips. When last seen, it had a white, Polar water bottle, in the bottle rack on the crossbar, and two yellow blinkies on each wheel.

If someone knows where this bike is, I would try to retrieve it, since otherwise I'll have to find another beater bike for subsequent years.




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