Stolen bike w/ EL hummingbird and fire staff

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Stolen bike w/ EL hummingbird and fire staff

Post by chupacabracito » Mon Sep 17, 2007 9:57 am

I know this is a lost cause, but on the night before the burn, my bike was stolen from the Center Camp Cafe. I don't care about the bike, it was a beater, but attached to it was:

- an animated hummingbird in green EL wire, not much more than 18" square, on green wire mesh backing

- a fire staff I made out of *square* aluminum tubing. With red cloth covers over the wicks.

If you happen to ever see them, please contact me: jer (at) faludidesign [dot] com .

And kick the ass of the rat-bastard who stole them. (They were not borrowed, they were stolen. I know, because my bag was in the basket of the bike, and the thief left the bag, after opening all the pockets and rifling through it, leaving everything except my camera, my hat, and my goggles.)

The bike was white with reflective white tape wrapped around the frame so that at night it reflects light in a barber-pole design. If anyone finds that, it'd be nice to have back, too.



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