stolen bike identified at Berkeley Flea Market

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stolen bike identified at Berkeley Flea Market

Post by moniques » Fri Sep 28, 2007 12:27 pm

Hello, I posted a stolen bike email a few weeks ago and someone saw it at the Berkeley flea market on Saturday Sept 16. I live in Reno and went to the flea market the following Sat, but it was rained out. I can't really afford to drive down again. So if anyone sees it again at the Ashby flea market, see description below, please tell the Berkeley Bart police so they can get it back. I already have a police report on file with them, as well as with Pershing County. I spoke with an officer Soto with the Bart police and emailed him a photo of me on my bike. He tried to tell me that if I didn't have the serial number written down, it is a lost cause, but my bike is totally decorated and completely unique and unmistakably mine since I have the photo and the fabric that I used to cover it.
Anyways, the woman who saw it said that the seller was a white male in his early 20's who also had about 7-8 other playa bikes, and was trying to sell it for $100. If any of you Berleley burners out there see it and report it, we can help put a stop to the people who steel bikes out there and try to make $ from it!
Thanks for taking the time to read this,

"It is a new woman's size beach cruiser. It has beautiful shiny fabric all over the frame, including the handle bars, a faux-bamboo box attached to the back rack, and a pvc pole, also covered in same fabric, attached to the box (for a shade umbrella). The fabric is a floral pattern with deep colors: blue, purple, red, orange, gold"

p.s. the woman who saw it at the flea market said it still had the box and pole attatched!


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