Lost: Black Freather Chest Protector and Wings (and Dragon)

If you were wearing it, and you lost it, here's where to ask if anyone found it.
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Lost: Black Freather Chest Protector and Wings (and Dragon)

Postby Dogma Clause » Sun Sep 11, 2005 11:32 pm

On 9:00 close to the Man on the night of the Burn, Someone decided to take my ride for a spin. It could have been the 3' purple and neon green dragon I had strapped to it the whole week. Otherwise, he is hungry and needs food. If you have him with the bike, he likes scratches behind the ears.

The bike was a vintage red cruiser with a springer front end suspension. It had a black front basket with lots of blinky sh*t in it. Also a bronze cloak.

Also on the bike was a black feather covered motoX chest protector and some black and blue wings.

I was joking around all week about how the dragon wanted to drive the bike in different dirrections that I did. I guess he finally go his chance to make a brake for it.

Return of any and or all (or just the Dragon) is a no questions asked dealio. Just want some of my playa memories back for next year. Otherwise, I release these items as a sacrafice to the Playa Gods.
"You are the Burn!" That's all she wrote.

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