LOST: hand sewn fuzzy green hat lost on open playa by metal.

If you were wearing it, and you lost it, here's where to ask if anyone found it.
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LOST: hand sewn fuzzy green hat lost on open playa by metal.

Postby playaprincess » Sun Sep 18, 2005 9:20 pm

burn box. as my son and i hit the open playa on our bikes, we knew we were going around the man from 3:30 to 8'o'clock. I said wanna race and he took off fast, in the dark, i yelled be careful and suddenly i notice him hit something like a wall and his whole body jolted. He hit a unlit, not lighted metal burn box and even his hi tech lights didn't save him it was so dark out there without the moon. He didn't see it until he was on it. Luckily, he only suffered shock from the crash. We hung out there 15 minutes or so til he was able to travel on but the saddest part was when we reached 8:00 he realized he lost his fuzzy green hat his lifelong friends mom made for him. He was sooooooo sad and all in shock and beat! SO... we returned to the burn box to look for the hat, cuz he just wanted to go home at this point, 3:45 and catharsis...and the box was on FIRE! I don't think the hat fell in the box but maybe you found it. my kid felt better in the morning and we haven't talked about the lost hat but i know he would be so thrilled if that FUZZY HOME MADE GREEN HAT, like grinch green, ever came back to him.

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