lost my black bag had a Kodak camara w/ "Rose" wri

If you were wearing it, and you lost it, here's where to ask if anyone found it.
Rose Ramirez
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lost my black bag had a Kodak camara w/ "Rose" wri

Postby Rose Ramirez » Tue Sep 20, 2005 11:42 am

>Hi =) greetings to you happy burners!!
>My name is Rose and I am from Reno. I lost my black bag, it is a
>thin bag that wraps around your back, there is a plastic snap that
>is in front of the bag and on the main part of the bag (that goes
>on your back) there is a 2 inch dark green colored stripe, there is
>a single pocket on the bag (right where the green stripe is) and
>there is no zipper on the pocket. Inside this bag was a bunch of
>candy, a pair of clear goggles [b]and most importantly a Kodak
>disposable camara that had the name "Rose" written on the back of
>the camara. I lost this bag on the night of the burn of the man
>somewhere in the vicinity of the man.[/b] I really hope to reunite with
>the camara and those priceless pictures, I really don't care about
>the bag and its other contents, consider those a gift for finding
>the bag =)[/b]
~~Rose Ramirez =)

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