STOLEN: Furry leopard print coat with large ears.

If you were wearing it, and you lost it, here's where to ask if anyone found it.
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STOLEN: Furry leopard print coat with large ears.

Postby NaughtySão » Wed Sep 19, 2007 7:04 am

Hi peeps,
When coming out of the potty on 4 o' clock & D on saturday after sundown, I realized, that someone has taken my lovely furry leopard print (black&silver)coat I've been wearing for the first time that evening. Maybe anybody found it in the dust the next morning when it wasn't cold anymore.

I don't have a picture, 'cause I just finished before heading to the burn. the work is a bit sloppy, 'cause i was in a hurry finishing it.
The hood has a black mohawk (donno the spelling) and big ears.

Would be very happy to be reunited!

Thanks a million!



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