Green/Red Cap - Worn Under Welding Helmet (very sentimental)

If you were wearing it, and you lost it, here's where to ask if anyone found it.
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Green/Red Cap - Worn Under Welding Helmet (very sentimental)

Postby fortuneasker » Tue Jan 15, 2008 5:38 pm

This very sentimental item was lost after the Temple Burn. Although it looks a bit like an old-style aviator's cap it is typically worn under a welding helmet. It is green but shows an oval patch of red on top from the red lining showing through (many years of wear and tear by my dad who was a welder). I lost it somewhere in the far reaches of the Playa around Esplanade and 2:00-3:00. Although it is rather ragged looking it holds alot of sentimental value for me because my Dad died a month before BM 07 and I wore it in his memory on the night of the Temple Burn. I'd given up hope of finding it until I read some amazing stories of long-lost reunited items. So I figured, Maybe? Maybe...Why Not!

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