Lost--Puma Folding Knife of Brass and Wood, 8"

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Lost--Puma Folding Knife of Brass and Wood, 8"

Postby MsAlien » Fri Sep 23, 2005 8:31 pm

Lost: A Puma folding knife from Germany (very sharp and about 8” when open). Brass and wood handles.

Lost on a trajectory somewhere between Temple Camp (2:30 and Esplanade) and a direct line out to the Temple after burn on Monday Sept. 6. I had been on the playa since August 16 and was very tired to leave it sitting on the rim of my open trailer. I know it’s tempting to keep such a valuable item. It was gifted to me around 1976 and is the only good knife I owned. Reward. Thanks
--Maureen aka MsAlien

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