Maggie "Mag-Pie"from the Haight District in SF - w

Trying to reconnect with someone you met once? Think of it as "Missed Connections" for Burners.
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Maggie "Mag-Pie"from the Haight District in SF - w

Postby shallow end » Wed Sep 12, 2007 9:36 am

You camped with me/us because you lost your tent. You stayed up late and partied with us Thurs. Fri. & Sat Night - after the burn - as Burningman Fate would have it, we were seperated at day break @ (Upulent Temple) You were at the bar - chattig it up and we wondered off to find our bikes and that was the last time I saw you. You apparently came back to our Camp @ 9:30 & Grassland to find that we had gone away... The reality world was calling us to Lake Tahoe and we never got to say our good-byes - I/we want to see you again...You especially made my 7th Burn - the best yet and we talked about connecting for some live music in SF \ but never exchanged our contact info. You have a small blue Toyota car, went to college in Washington and were heading to Mendocino for some field work on Wed. (post BM) after a visit to Yosemite with your friend from Boston. You live in the Upper Haight in the City of SF - If you read this or anyone reads this that may know you please put "Our Maggie" back in touch with her new found family and Playa Friends - Jim, JoAnnna, Peter, Jason, Travis, Heath & LA - call Jim @ 415.734.7979 - we have a few of your personal belongings and we want you to be a part of our Playa Family for Burns to Come. [/b] :D

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