Looking for DJ SIMPLE possibly from Ass Blaster Caster

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Looking for DJ SIMPLE possibly from Ass Blaster Caster

Post by drumtech » Sun Jul 27, 2008 10:01 pm

I'd love to reconnect with the DJ and get his demo CD again. It was awesome but got lost before I got contact info.

I believe that I met him guest DJing at a dome between 7:00 and 9:00 on the esplanade, and it was next to Electroshock Therapy.
Here's what happened. I was there Friday night with some friends for a while, really dug the music, talked to the DJ (who i think was wearing red and black) said I really really like the music and got the DJ's CD. It was plain CD with green writing that had the DJ contact info and the track listings I think. I also remember there being a drumset in the back of the dome and I asked the DJ if I could sit in, but was denied. I listened to it over and over on the drive home but stupidly left it in the CD changer of the rental car, and have been bugging the rental company for the last few months to check and get it out, but have now given up.

I think it is DJ SIMPLE (could be wrong) and he was a friend of Ass Blaster Caster, and if so, I would LOVE to get another copy of that CD if someone could connect me. thanks!


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