STOLEN: Blk/Green Daypack w/playa gear, tapes, camera gear

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STOLEN: Blk/Green Daypack w/playa gear, tapes, camera gear

Post by DiscoDog » Thu Sep 13, 2007 7:50 pm

Folks, people do loot during the burn. Second time this has happened! (burned twice - shame on me!) This time someone jacked my lt olive green/black daypack. It's a slightly-smaller than average (kids) backpack but styled for outdoor use - glowsticks hanging off it. My Drivers' license was in it - you think a looter would at least be cool enough to ditch what he couldn't sell, right?

The camcorder inside is obviously gone. Water bottle and goblet in the side mesh pockets. blue/grey walkie clipped to it. Also inside: unmarked Digital8 tape, leather case w/digicam battery & (empty) SD card, Yellow stanley cliplite, industrial dustmask & goggles, 3-D film still camera. Ancient camera flash, My name's Ron, so if the DL is in there, there you go.
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