stolen art & staff--found?

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stolen art & staff--found?

Post by chupacabracito » Mon Sep 17, 2007 9:46 am

Friday night before the burn, my bike was stolen. Attached to it were:

- Fire staff, that I made myself. Made out of *square* aluminum tubing, so you'll never see another one like it. (If you do see someone playing with a fire staff that's square tube, kick their ass for me.)

- Animated hummingbird in green EL wire. Also made myself, also want to kick the ass of whoever stole it.

If you're wondering how I know these were stolen, not "borrowed", it's because my bag was in the bike's basket. The thief left the bag, after having opened up and rifled through all the pockets, leaving everything except my camera (with dozens of photos in it), my hat, and my goggles.

Please email jer (at) faludidesign (dot) com if you find any of these. I'm assuming the thief wouldn't be able to sell the staff or hummingbird and abandoned them somewhere at the end of the week.




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