LOST: few years worth of laminates

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LOST: few years worth of laminates

Post by radiation_vacation » Mon Sep 17, 2007 10:34 am

i always take all previous laminates to every burn event as a reminder, but this year, they got ripped off my backpack somehow. was sometime wednesday night, i seem to recall my pack getting caught on something as we were whisking away from somewhere, which could have been anywhere as i went all over the place that night. i didn't realize it was my laminates getting pulled off until the next day. there's laminates from all of my camps: the conGLOMerate village 2004, the Q 2005 & 2006, pallet bar from transformus, playaground 2005, etc. they're all on one plastic loop attached to a blue star retractable lanyard clip and they all say either eLeM or lisa-marie. they mean a lot to me as a reminder of my history and i'm pretty bummed i lost them. but then again, the playa takes something personal from me every year. i suppose that's part of the deal? would love to be reunited with them though.



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