Lost: REI tent, bag, wallet, keys, phone: the whole 9 yards

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Lost: REI tent, bag, wallet, keys, phone: the whole 9 yards

Post by jblumenthal » Mon Sep 17, 2007 2:33 pm

Hi Lovely Burners -

I departed the Playa on Sunday morning after the Burn leaving behind my tent and many belongings inside. Through a bad mishap, my camp left it all behind thinking I was coming back for it. I did not. In the hopes that somebody had pity and foresight and scooped it all up and took it home, here is the description:

Location last seen: 2:40 @ Freshwater

Blue and gray REI Half Dome tent containing:

Big gray REI backpacking backpack.
In the top most pocket, cell phone and keys
Crappy digital camera
Clothes, costumes, assorted crap
Black Jon Fleuvog boots
Beige Dickies pants with brown leather wallet in the front pocket.

If you scooped the whole thing up in a big bundle or removed selected parts, I will pay for shipping of any and all items.

Also lost on the Playa:
Purse-size olive green army shoulder bag containing water bottle, headlamp, etc. - BIKE LANE patch on the outside.

Oh yeah, and somebody grabbed my red Murray woman's cruiser on the first night. Seen it?

So it was pretty much a complete yard sale. Please contact if you have ANY of this. Wonderful barter rewards for in-person returns!

Jeffrey Blumenthal
sustainablejeff@gmail.com (best form of communication)
510-375-4450 (I can check messages and will have a new phone soon)
San Francisco

Many many thanks. The Green Man abides and, with luck, provides.



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