Lost: Jack in the Box head

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Lost: Jack in the Box head

Post by Five » Sat Sep 22, 2007 2:11 pm

We seemed to have lost part of our art installtion. The installation was set up in our camp, located at 7:45 and E. The missing part was the head from our Jack in the Box. His name is Jack, though he doesn't respond to much. He is white with a green face with a pirate patch over his left eye. He is about 2 feet in Diameter.

We noticed him missing in Lovelock, Nevada. He was stapped down on our trailer when we left Black Rock City and didn't notice him missing until Lovelock (which is east on I-80). We left at about 2:30 am Sunday morning after the oil Rig burn.

Now I know this may seem an unusual request. I figured he either jumped off the trailer before we made it to the paved road and wanted to stay in Black Rock or he fell in an attempt to commit suicide after leaving Black Rock in despair of the event's end. But I KNOW he survived the jump, if in fact he did jump. I know this because he jumped off the trailer on the way to Black Rock before we even left Colorado. He jumped the first time because he was a bit scared and wasn't sure he should trust us taking him to the harsh environment of Black Rock! We told ourselves that if he jumped again on the way to Black Rock we would leave him as he is a bit stubborn and not so willing to even hear about any sort of discussion.

But now after returning and wishing he found a good home, I miss him. If you have found him, I would like a response and am willing to let him stay with you so long as you provide a good home! If you don't want him I will pay to have him shipped to me in Colorado.

I'm actually crying now as I didn't realize how much I miss him! I hope someone will come forward with good news of his whereabouts.


His picture can be found at http://www.myspace.com/favoritenumber5 and looking through the pictures and his name is Jack.


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