Still looking for my taillight.

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Still looking for my taillight.

Post by Lassen Forge » Sat Sep 22, 2007 9:18 pm

Lost (or lifted?) from our mutant vehicle about Thurs or Friday.

Clear red lens "AdLake" railroad kerosene lantern, black and gold leaf. The burner has it's own can inside the lamp. It looks pretty, but it's the taillight to our MV (the "russian" one with the red onion dome), and it's big enough where it wouldn't get "mooped".

Wish I could get it back as it was my dad's, and he's gone, and it was one of the few kewl memory things from him. Sucks.

Of course, there's a reeee-ward, and I'll pay for shipping. It's paint is one of a kind, if ya picked one of these up (even off the back of our car) please call, no questions asked, I just want the thing back, OK?

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