lost: stuffed animal duck like creature thing

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lost: stuffed animal duck like creature thing

Post by 8289 » Wed Sep 26, 2007 10:16 am

Somewhere between 5:30 & F, snaking through Center Camp and out to the Man toward the Big Rig Jig, my little travel companion leapt to freedom from what was presumed to be a secure location on the bike.

So I'm looking to be reunited with the little guy that's been perched at the house since the late 80s. He's a stuffed animal, looks like a duck to some, a round creature with a head to others. There is no tag on him, a faint hint of green from his 2001 BRC visit on the front white of his chest, he stands 10" tall and weighs in at about one pound. Brown eyes, and white/black/white fur covering with floppy webbed feet below.

Since we're back in the default world and playa vibes aren't always 100%, a reward is being offered to help get the little guy back to the home nest.

Something about pictures being a thousand words... gentlemen (and ladies), this is The Fugitive: Image ... or an older photo (going to prom) Image


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