Lost or Liberated from me 11 Hula Hoops

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Lost or Liberated from me 11 Hula Hoops

Post by shantifire » Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:03 pm

I was camped at the Red Nose District and had
6 hoops in our family camp which walked off.
I.A - I had left 5 hoops at Dustfish by the stage and
they walked off as well. These hoops had sentimental
value 3 are smaller Australian hoops, 1 is a fire hoop,
1 is large piece of PVC which I was making into a partner
hoop, others where various styles, mainly american
style. Please email me if you have my hoops, I teach
a hoop class in SF and would love to offer the Australian
style to my students.

Love and Light

Be here now!


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