Lost Purse and WaLLet

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Lost Purse and WaLLet

Post by siouxzen » Fri Sep 09, 2005 8:49 pm

:( I left Tuesday afternoon...took the detour cause of that crazy wreck and found myself watching Pyramid Lake go by. Went to a service station, next to a McDonaLd's and I think I lost or someone robbed my purse and waLLet out of the car. It is a small brown leather shoulder bag with a darker rose type print on it. The waLLet is a leather KIMRI wallet. From Japan, lots of rings, eyelets, and looks motorfu@cked. I had just gotten that as a gift right before I left for the Playa. Anyways, if someone has picked it up...email me! I won't ask any questions. I would just love to get my things back. My business cards are in the side pocket of the purse so you can get my email from there or from my website. Thanks so much! [/img]


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