Lost Decomp 7pm ish grassy area white fluffy boa collar

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Lost Decomp 7pm ish grassy area white fluffy boa collar

Post by Trishya333 » Mon Oct 10, 2005 5:40 pm

heyas any and all, I was running back and forth (quite buzzed I might add, sigh) from Spikes to the head thing in the park right at dusk and lost a vintage white Fluffy coat collar/ boa. It had a burple/ maroon band at the collar and belonged to a coat my now deceased grandma used to own (thus sentimental value) . It was made of real mongolian montain goat fur, and about 30 inches long. I have pictures of me wearing it all day if anyone found something fluffy and white and wonderful, I can show exactly what it looked like during the day. I ran back and forth in the park/ grassy area tracing my steps right away but it got dark too fast and I'm hoping a child or nice burner saw it and picked it up, hoping to return it to it's proper owner , me! (Trish AKA MOOP)
haha Moop mooped her fluffy beloved dance, neck, and hat accessory. Thanks for reading this!!!


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