Please help a sweet burner friend who was robbed!!!

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Please help a sweet burner friend who was robbed!!!

Post by Punky Brewster » Sat Apr 15, 2006 7:31 pm

My friend posted this on today after her van was broken into in Hunter's Point last night:

Did one of your friends just become suddenly inexplicably abundant? My van was broken into early this am at the corner of Palou & Griffith at the Lunar Landing party and stripped very selectively. If someone you know all of a sudden has two Burning Man tix, some superfly Burning Wear, costumes (silvery cape, black furry coat, leopard, stylie clothing), a new cell phone, an amazing collection of CDs, some extra cash and the confidence of dressing in different fashion out of the blue or if your boy gives you some stylie unwashed clothing (they even took my laundry), or if you find some strange journal, a date book, or a lot of mysterious paperwork suddenly thown out (including a tax return that was ready to go) ask some questions. Someone have a sudden stash of partially used body/skin care and a bunch of vitamins? Seem Strange? Almost everything I own was stolen but they were super selective. They did not take food or bedding. They were watching me. i was across the street at a Burn Party.

I am pretty freaked out about the paperwork and all...
As if tax day is not bad enough...
Any word? Clues? Strange behaviour, new accessories or clothing...?
Do the right thing.
Contact me.
I would like to believe that this is really what "Tribe" is for-
watching out for each other.
Be careful out there.
They broke through the window right across the street from the party!
Music is the best!


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