Found Pfat Bike

Things that you found On The Playa and are looking for their owners. Please be sure to check the Lost forums for a post about the item first.
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Found Pfat Bike

Post by Sinned » Mon Sep 10, 2007 3:37 pm

My out of town camp mate "found" your Pfat bike. Describe it to me and I would be very happy to get it back into the right hands.

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old skool schwinn found?

Post by unicornblue » Tue Dec 18, 2007 3:45 pm

my campmate got her schwinn stingray with custom paint stolen... pearly white with orange flames.... is this possibly the bike you found? You would make her year if it is!

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Post by motskyroonmatick » Tue Dec 18, 2007 5:08 pm

painted black with amber and white reflective material applied to the frame in several spots. The reflective stickers have a honeycomb pattern. There was a bottle holder attached to the handle bar.
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