Cruiser Bike "Sandy From CA. ? "

Things that you found On The Playa and are looking for their owners. Please be sure to check the Lost forums for a post about the item first.
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Cruiser Bike "Sandy From CA. ? "

Post by Etoyoc » Sat Nov 03, 2007 10:14 am

Hey out there. Sorry took so long to Post This. I have a lost or abandoned bike. It's a really nice cruiser. It appeared our accross the street camp neighbor forgot to put it on her car when she left,(mini pick-up camper) so I snagged it. It was right where you were loading up......a few minutes after we waved goodbye to you....we saw the bike.
.....Soooo...."Sandy" the teacher from California, we were camped accross from you, [near 6 and Jungle] you came over to check out our camper, sat with us and talked a while. Maybe it wasn't your bike.....but we checked with the remaining camps around yours before taking custody, and all declined ownership.
Get back to me with the proper description, SN# if you have it, what other item was with it....and we can work on getting it back to you. I have read all the lost item blogs.....This bike not reported by anyone.[color=darkred][/color][/b]


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