Newbie from Washington State thinking of 2020 as my first time going

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Newbie from Washington State thinking of 2020 as my first time going

Post by PukuJA » Tue Nov 19, 2019 11:58 am


I am thinking of going to Burning Man this year as I have been hearing from several friends with Liberty Trikes, that they are going. My husband and I each have a trike and a motorhome to stay in. I am not familiar with what happens at the Playa (or why it is called that), but I did note what this year's theme is and I believe we fit right in.

I am a near 65-year old paranormal investigator/researcher and have been doing investigations since 2007. On numerous occasions, I have been able to communicate with the spirits via my equipment. Sometimes, I even get mental images of the people that were once there, or even pick up on the "feelings" of those that remain. I guess that makes me something of an empath. Anyway, I have been traveling for the last 2-1/2 months going to known paranormal sites as well as historic ones. I am writing a book on the paranormal and am interjecting my
experiences in the places I have visited as well. I am always happy to discuss the paranormal with folks.

My other interests are my two Mustang cars (custom 2006) and my 1968 Shelby Coupe project car. The 2006 has been totally customized by me and has appeared in two national Mustang magazines. My 1968 Mustang coupe is mostly restored, but I was not happy that I could not afford to get a 1968 Shelby. I decided to retrofit my coupe into a Shelby coupe. The interior is almost done. I have all the back end body and trim parts and lights. My goal is to replace the front end pieces with Shelby parts, and replace the trunk lid, lights, end caps, and lower fascia with my current Shelby parts. Eventually, it will be a full-fledged Shelby coupe tribute car. It will be a GT350 after replacing my 289 cid motor with a 408 cid Stroker motor, which should produce 500 hp naturally aspirated. I will talk cars with anyone. Confused yet? Okay, I will move on. I am also a musician and play bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, and flute. I am rusty on all of it as I have been so busy with other stuff over the last ten years, I have not really had a lot of time to devote to music and am just starting to pluck away on the bass again.

That is me in a nutshell. Looking forward to learning more about Burning Man and how to prepare to go there.

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Re: Newbie from Washington State thinking of 2020 as my first time going

Post by Papa Bear » Tue Nov 19, 2019 12:58 pm


The first thing to do is go to the Burning Man website and start reading. The first-timer's guide is a reasonable place to start ( ... ers-guide/ ), but I would also recommend reading last year's survival guide and giving it a look. You'll also need to read the 2020 version when it is released, in case anything changes.

A couple of things to keep in mind as you do so:

First off, Burning Man is not a "festival" in the sense of a place you go to gawk and be entertained. It's a community founded in large part on the idea of "no spectators" - everything you encounter out there is a gift someone else brought "just because", and we encourage everyone who attends to also contribute something of themselves. Sounds like you have plenty of interests you can bring to the event.

Second, be aware that the playa (a spanish term for the dry lakebed on which the event is held) can be a very harsh environment. It's camping, but in a kind of environment most experienced campers have no familiarity with, so pay close attention to those tips. You're expected to prepare enough to be self-reliant, without expecting others at the event to cover for you. There are no food vendors, for example.

That means planning for and bringing everything, from food and water to shelter - and figuring out how to take it all back out with you at the end of the event. LNT guidelines for Burning Man are considerably stricter than you may be used to with normal camping - you can't even let water from a shower hit the ground.

If you have specific questions, it's good practice to search eplaya first, since most questions get asked repeatedly. The best way to do that is actually via google - just enter in the search box ahead of whatever other search terms might be relevant.

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Re: Newbie from Washington State thinking of 2020 as my first time going

Post by Elderberry » Tue Nov 19, 2019 5:16 pm

Hey there, welcome to ePlaya! Be sure to stop in at the ePlaya Meet-n-Greet on the Playa!
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Re: Newbie from Washington State thinking of 2020 as my first time going

Post by burner von braun » Fri Nov 22, 2019 1:24 am

Welcome PukuJA!

Papa Bear, as always, has great advice to follow. Now is a good time to begin to get up to speed regarding the burn, so you'll be in fine shape when August arrives.

Meanwhile, you might enjoy this car thread...


There are several accomplished car guys that roam the boards here. If you post there, maybe with a pic or two, they may stop in and compare notes.

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Re: Newbie from Washington State thinking of 2020 as my first time going

Post by some seeing eye » Mon Nov 25, 2019 4:43 am


Everett is North, but the Puget Sound area has a "Seattle Burning Man regional." Meet them at their events in person. They may even have some "mutant vehicle"-"art car" projects which could benefit from your skills.

Just like you would have a packing list for camping, you will need an expanded and specialized packing list - there are many on the Internet and your regional can help.

It is very dusty. It is fine dust the consistency of baby powder that smells like ammonia.

The event is a mixture of pedestrians and pedal bikes. So there are strict rules about what you can and can't ride on the playa for safety reasons. It's spelled out in the preparation materials. Bring an auxiliary lock. Decorate.

There is also a Burning Man organization official YouTube to supplement all the preparation reading.
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Re: Newbie from Washington State thinking of 2020 as my first time going

Post by Leo » Sun Dec 01, 2019 12:32 pm

Welcome to the group. You didn't mention the age or type of your motorhome. Be aware that the playa dust gets into everything. (Think sheetrock dust on a massive scale). If you take your motorhome, be prepared for some serious cleaning when you return home. I have a fairly new travel trailer. For my last burn, I opted to take my Kodiak tent instead of the trailer, as I didn't want to have the trailer filled with playa dust.

Check out the discussions on this board about prepping RV's for Burning Man. Water management is the other issue. Make sure the capacities of your fresh, grey, and black tanks will be sufficient for a week of dry camping. You might want to bring additional water and build an evaporation pond for dealing with your grey water.

Depending upon the gas mileage of your rig, plan on topping off your tanks in Alturas or Cedarville. Gerlach has one gas station and they have been known to run out of gas during the event.
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