Hello? Is this the Burningman that was all inclusive and wants to be racially inclusive ??

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Hello? Is this the Burningman that was all inclusive and wants to be racially inclusive ??

Post by RandomCitizenKingdom » Fri Sep 18, 2020 1:41 pm

Hi! Boy it sure is awesome to flex on the good ol eplaya !!
Listen ..Im pretty nutty and very old school . im on tbe fb but have been with yall since Dioxine really.
Im gona say it again but the folks id expect tp fast tract with me and this project are 10- 7 and I want to connect with founders at Bmorg asap because we are at a cross doads

Want to beall BLM? Want to get communitys built ? Help the people theu art and ease homelessness? Want space to build? Want to do something huge and meaningful ? Want to be invilved with a socially devine iption for culture meets arts and free range action and meets Black people who would love to live more lime The Burningman but will nevet have that chance? Do you know any Black Pa thets?? I do!!
I stadted a crazy cacpnphaninic adt piece to protest and defy homelessness when barred from my burner world for. Eing a foreclosed divorse casualty and yey a few kept my spirits
I started a Curbside com.u ity inorder to thrive and numb the pain from loss of everything i hadand loved.Recovering .yice on .y own radical terms and 12 years later with plenty of dlot hu.mility..i was able to become an advocate in Oaklands homeless ocean and bave DIVHT. OW .LAND FOR PORTABLE DEVELOLEMENT .h der panther and Pronciple i started a co.mu ity that I know open to Burner leadership cor assuming roles in this mostly black Oakland i dustrial.area wrst Oakland. Im hearing BurningmN and finally Bwb are reaching out toncommu ity. I thought we con ected but it seems life is too consumi g.
Best and fastest way is to join me rjght away. Efore the chance slips away that k have spent 12 gears pulling together. I hate posting from anphone in dark or without glasses. I would love to tell you all answer questjo s and share this YOU!! DIVERSE CITY KAKLAND CURBSTEAD. AMPUS PROJECT and city love it but i must share with nonprofit.
My. Umber is 510 7672))7. Trilobgte if your reading this
.hi ifs been awhile. Please put me thru to founders say Harlsy Du ois regarding this emergency con ection for whole com.unity and resor e option for a with cut for Burningman as our trusted or whateve. Been kno ming forever .Been just a bart xrop away and been prompti g like a brain injured burn freak

Oh aait that IS .y description
Im.despefate to lrovide tbis optikn of synbiotic cohessjo. Tl.commu ity and it.must be soon or the artists abdfunding for new art ve artkitecture will be bastardized and contracted to non burners
We are. Hanvi. On..please have Harley call 5107672007.
Mavin Carter Griffin Wlod Street Peoes ckllective and Gou Diverse Cify campus labitat excuse grammar im blind and tech impaired.. Everyrandomcitizen or
Randomcitizenx @gmail.com

For a tpur a lecture su mittable links and more contact me.
Im recreating the incrastructure creating a peoe made University called You Diverse City Oakland and we will explore portable affordable housing tiny house builds and creating an Rts culture live work expisition in default
As our org non profit we will need the millio s in grants im Pplying for under co id under arts and under art stuff and businesses..
bmorg would retain 3 percent of every grant and. Support the needs of this commu ity with a full scale OMland campus for our BRC saving needs.. Hire me and lets merve The Wood Street Collective into a partnership that resembles Fly for architecture and urban displaced grpups . i have support of county of council and mayor ..neighborhoodand 400 homeless creative worki g DPW like folk who can not ait idel. But cannot move on i to the world.

Just lime DPW! Lol. In fact it was Lardy and my DPW 2013 burn that inspired this request and creation of our group with merged ethic.We are Black Lives Matters. We have many MANY simular endevors and Ive placed people in spaces and they took their shelteri g i to a process they never dreamed
.they radically shelter themselves and cant stop buildi g and feforming evet evolving camps in theme campus set for in ovation and temedy for racial equity.
Have Harley call me asap. I receive text and am a bit more stupid for this concussive condition and dedicated to this project deeply. Ive changed the game of affordable housing and we are about to move into phase with city.
We need YOU to help show our grants givers we have an art accou ting group to facilatate our grant dispersement . picture a worlds faid on 29 acres sustainable wild art housing showcase

My hope in chatting with Brc leadership is for combining efforts and colab on civic supportedspulutions bridging issues with artful expressio. And experiancing another version of brc in multiverse where we allbounce back and come together under commu ity trust grants and spread burni gman as a immunity cure .
Lets save each other.
I can help you and you can help me help you help us to help all in this our most uncertain moment.
Put fun in function.
Yours in the flame Alchemy
Resinded vrant awarfd in 2003 for my 3 story Ouija Board . for reasons of pregnancy came to burn with youngest baby ever 2003 Arcana was the first Playa messaiha.
Call 5107672007. Right now! We. Eed you to join us or black lives wo t matter the big developers will commod us out into no where.
Sos and ive got funding if you feel absorbing a poor folks art live work farm business parkway for racial inclusion systemic devision and RETHINKING THE URBAN LANDSCAPE.


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Re: Hello? Is this the Burningman that was all inclusive and wants to be racially inclusive ??

Post by Ugly Dougly » Fri Sep 18, 2020 6:25 pm

"Radically inclusive".

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