Bring Back Hope

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Bring Back Hope

Post by jordan henry » Wed Aug 30, 2006 8:03 pm

Adam Goldstone, 37, a DJ from NYC, died at Burning Man on Tuesday August 29
around 12:30 p.m.  Maybe from a fall in the shower, maybe from heart
failure, maybe from seizures and aneurisms - we just don't know.  All we
know was that he was looking forward to the Burn all year, that he was
taking a shower when he fell and began convulsing, and that he was dead
before the ambulance reached the nearest hospital.  We don't even know if
the people he was attending the Burn with were with him when it happened.
Perhaps his best friends on the Playa don't even know yet ...

His family would appreciate anything - stories, pictures, photos, memories,
memorials, candles, encounters, incidents - from anyone who may have seen
him or spoken to him on the Playa before or after he fell.  Maybe an
obituary from the Burning Man Gazette - maybe an announcement heard on the
Burn's AM radio station - maybe the memory of a candlelight vigil that took
place in his honor - maybe a flier with his face on it posted on a tent ...

Having been to the Burn myself, I know that Adam is being remembered and
mourned and celebrated on the Playa as I write this.  My wish is that some
of those stories are preserved and shared with his parents once the Burn

Please pass this email on to EVERYONE you know who may be attending ... and
my phone # 213 220 1435.

Let's talk/email after the Burn ...

With love,

Adam's brother-in-law

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