Eplaya Holiday Wish List

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Eplaya Holiday Wish List

Post by EvilDustBooger » Thu Dec 20, 2007 11:48 am

...I wish for a multitude of small changes in my life this year that culminate into a fabulous new life journey and new directions.
I realize that it is up to me to initiate these changes.

I must start slowly and gain momentum and strength with each new small victory.

I will begin by changing that negative "Service Interruption" on top of Eplaya Index to the more whistful and uplifting "Holiday Wish List"
This is what I must do.

Call me Evil
there , I introduced myself.

Taurus,...if you were wondering.

I also wish to thank Eplaya(ns) for much inspirational and entertaining and much needed craziness and wish you all a very happy holiday!


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