Hello everyone, help us!!

Start here - tell us about yourself and what brings you to ePlaya.
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Henry and June
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Hello everyone, help us!!

Postby Henry and June » 8 years ago

We're a couple looking to network with other BM participants. We don't care if you are virgins or veterans. We happen to be virgins. Looking for regional events or groups of people in the Los Angeles/Orange County area. We are little totally lost lambs looking for some great experiences. Help us please!!
Timshel baby!

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Postby plowman » 8 years ago

Check out Stag Camp on the 08 theme camp thread. Start from the begining.
Or Stag Camp on the 07 theme camp thread.
Last year was our first as a camp and it was a huge success
This year is looking bigger and better

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Funky Monkey Mech
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Postby Funky Monkey Mech » 8 years ago

Welcome welcome... i am a burner form San Diego... also a member of Stag Camp.... if you would like go on the web link below


make the free membership profile and ta da here it is thewhole community of LA/OC/SD county burners... you can look them all up.... we are having a regional even april 17th to the 21st called Fools Paradise.... or even better contact me on tribe if you like and you can find a link to the SD and LA Burner Community tribes and to The Village Tribe were we post about the regionals that will happen out in our desert paradise!

http://people.tribe.net/funky_monkey_mech <---- My tribe profile....

Hope to hear from you soon and welcome to the SoCal Burner Community!

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Postby ladonnahoo » 8 years ago

Check out the OC Burners (Yahoo groups)
They meet reguarly at Huntington Beach once a month on a Sat. (noon...) and the Goat Hill Tavern 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm on specific Wednesday nights. Location: Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa

I personally am in Santa Fe Springs and have burned 5X!
A Lone Burner, I am eager to meet up with you, any suggestions? LaDonna

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Postby T-Burner » 8 years ago

[b]Greetings[/b] Henry and June check out LIB Lighting in a bottle put on by the do lab good place to get your feet wet . Also you have to go to tribe.net good local info javascript:emoticon(':shock:')

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Postby MikeVDS » 8 years ago

A good local event that I'll likely be attending is:


Gigsville also does a lot of things in the LA area:


Our group puts on smaller burner outdoorsy type events in the I.E. general area.


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