You guessed it... I'm new! and by new I mean excited.

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You guessed it... I'm new! and by new I mean excited.

Postby JesseJames » 8 years ago

so very excited. I've never been, or really heard about it for that matter, until about a month ago. The fact that something like this exsist.... ahhh I can't even start to put into words how wonderful it makes me feel. Ah well I will, hopefully, (fingers crossed) be staying in the stag camp. As impossible as it may be I hope to meet everyone there, and I hope that the time between now and then find you all in good health and great company.
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Postby Chaotic_Weevil » 8 years ago

I'm feeling ya man. It's gonna be my first time also. I just hope i come completely prepared.
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Postby AntiM » 8 years ago

Completely prepared? Nah, won't happen, not 100%. There's always a little somethin' somethin' you'll think of when you get there. Always happens to us, even after seven years. One hopes it is not your ticket. And even if you have everything including the kitchen sink, the reality of the playa is ... well, you can't be completely prepared for it. Not completely.

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I think I will go look at mine right now.

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