virgin burner from chicago

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virgin burner from chicago

Postby yannick_reveur » Sun Apr 20, 2008 9:50 pm

Hi everyone! i want to be part of the fabulous burning man adventure this summer.
as i am freshly arrived in US, i wanted to find some people to go to burning man with me from chicago! it is difficult from several point of view to organise a trip from illinois to the desert so if there is a/several groups that go from Chicago just tell me in advance i would LOVE to join you as i almost absolutely know almost nothing to what i should do to get there by myself!
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take care!

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Postby SpaceCowboy » Mon Apr 21, 2008 3:57 pm

On the burningman web site is a place called Regional something or another. :oops: Anyway go there and you will find that Chicago has an active burner community. If anybody in your area can help you that is likely where you will find it.

Good luck and get there by any means, you will not regret it.

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Postby mdmf007 » Mon Apr 21, 2008 8:36 pm

the regionals kick hinee as well

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Check out the Lamplighters

Postby jcliff » Fri Apr 25, 2008 12:28 pm

Right on for the Midwest representation! I myself am a Virgin Burner hailing from Corn Country, south of Chicago. I want to recommend checking out the Lamplighter Village as an opportunity. The Lamplighters light the Playa every evening, and have a functioning community for their volunteers. I've been welcomed into their ranks, have already signed up for meal contributions and have a pretty clear idea that they are an awesome tribe. It feels so good to head to BRC by myself knowing that I have a little place already carved out. Lamplighters are SO welcoming to Virgins. If you're willing to make a contribution to all Burners, they seem VERY committed to making a contribution to your first Burn experience!

Good luck!

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Postby Fire Wire » Fri Apr 25, 2008 12:42 pm

You sock!!!
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