The Fuzelage

Start here - tell us about yourself and what brings you to ePlaya.
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The Fuzelage

Postby cunfuzelled » 8 years ago

i am fuze
also known as the jolly grean giant, the fuzemeister,the shifuze, i can make anything out of beads, the fuzelage, mr fuze-a-lot, tweaks McGee, and others.

i am an ex raver who loves all the music from around the world. my favorite music would have to be arabic music, cybalanium, latin drum, digerie doo, opera, ska, big band, minimal techno, psytrance, and much more.

i am a very resourcefull and inventive folk. my favorite activity is smoking hookah. my artwork of choice is hooka. i make my own hooka blends on ocasion and brew my own mead wine and spirits with my family for fun.

2008 will be my first burn. i have a parachute tent, 3 hooka's and a lot of exotic music to play in my tent while sharing my hooka with passers by. if you can find anybody who prepares their hookah beter they must be a god. i have 500 invested in my best hookah setup. and i am planing on aquiring 2 more setups of equil quality by burningman.\

i feel that i have much to bring to the comunity and i know i will get so much more out of it. i cant wait for this new life experience.

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Postby ragabashpup » 8 years ago

Welcome home and bring more than just your hooka and tent. Have you read the survival guide yet? Read it again :)

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Postby AntiM » 8 years ago

You did catch on the part about don't bring anything you can't afford to replace?

Poke me to experience my gooey insides!

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I have learned...

Postby irock » 8 years ago

If you like it, leave it at home. ESPECIALLY at Burning Man....

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Postby Sensei » 8 years ago

Well thank Larry that Iconoclast (of Apokoliptica) didn't feel that way. I smoked my first apple tobacco with him on the playa and had my eyes opened to that particular delight. Wow!

Bring it on. A little dust can be dealt with.

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Postby thirt33n » 8 years ago

Yeah, that sounds great. welcome confuzelled. I want some heavenly puff.

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