Herpes Slut at the Burn

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Herpes Slut at the Burn

Postby sbot » Sun Jun 08, 2008 8:42 pm

I'm a male from Denver and found out this year I have hsv2. Well fuck. Anyway, are there any female burners in the Denver area who are interested in NSA fun with someone else of same gift? I rarely meet someone I want a relationship with but I'm open to it. If it isn't perfect, it would still be fun to hook up.

Will any girls from any place be at the burn 2008 wanting to get busy with a really cute gifted guy?

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Postby Ron » Mon Jun 09, 2008 7:45 am

The year before last a camp mate of mine had a herpes sore come up on his mouth while he was at the burn. At about 6'0" and 190 of very solid muscle he's a good looking dude, even with a cold sore the size of a quarter on his lip. And every night he found some playa hottie or another who was willing to do him, active herpes break out or not. "They just don't want to kiss me," he's say when we asked him about it.

Now if you're not less than 25, nor hard bodied, you may have different results. God knows *I* have. ;) But herpes alone may or may not be a barrier to your attempts to gather some "playa lovin'." In any case, I would strongly suggest you make sure your partners know of your status *before* any rubbin' of the affected bits occur....


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