First timer coming from chicago via boulder

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First timer coming from chicago via boulder

Post by lightwarrior » Wed Jul 02, 2008 1:38 am

Hello, my name is Anna and i am introducing myself and my artwork as well as a bit of my story here! ill be seeing you all real soon!!!

so, here i am, commited to going to burning man, one way or another, with the love of my life, David. im also packing up all my belongings in chicago and selling/giving away/traveling with some of pursuit of seeing the whole world. so, in that spirit, if theres anything you need/want let me know and if i have it ill bring it down and use will be made of the things i am relinquishing. its a great freeing feeling to leave everything and go, yet i dont want to throw away or store anything, id rather put good things to good use. i am offering up my paintings for really low prices or for trade for several things including burning man tickets. as with everything else, i could just store them, i could keep them up in a gallery indefinitely, i could, i could, i could, soooo....i also could offer em up the burning man community and see what happens. i have many bodies of work that are available for sale/trade. please check it out.

also, if anyone is looking for a rideshare anywhere along the way, please let me know. i plan on takin my time a bit. ill prolly leave chicago around the 15th of August and take 10 days to get through the country and pick up David in Boulder. those are tentative plans, but ideas regardless. if you wanna jump in anywhere along the route, let me know your schedule/timing and we can work somethin out.

as far as that trade goes, what i am looking for is a trade of my artwork for two tickets. the work is not priced based on ticket prices, so whichever piece(s) you choose will work. for instance, if you choose a work of art that is $800, you get the painting, and i get the tickets, theres nothing else. and if you choose a piece that is $300, ill ask you to choose a second. thats all. thanks for lookin. email me or reply to this post with any inquiries, ideas, etc....

love and goodness!

check em out ... 010952708/

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Post by Funky Monkey Mech » Wed Jul 02, 2008 7:09 am

welcome to the community.... i am doing something of the same sort... i get out of the military right before burning man this year so first stop the stop is canada to go see my girlfriend.... wish i could bring her to the burn this year but she stuck up there with work :( so i gunna be flying solo again this year.... speaking of which if you guys need camp to live at stag camp is more then happy to welcome you in with us :)
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